Cristina Ferreira leaves the confrontation with Ljubomir Stanisic as the winner. emerged


“Big Brother” vs. “Hell’s Kitchen”: Cristina Ferreira beats up Ljubomir in the audience

The new edition of the TVI show took the first three places in the national ranking this Sunday. “Hell’s Kitchen” appears only in sixth position.

The “Big Brother Famous” dominated the day.

The first Sunday of 2022 was marked by the encounter between Cristina Ferreira and Ljubomir Stanisic with “Big Brother Famosos” and the second season of “Hell’s Kitchen” on TVI and SIC. In the end, the reality show on the Queluz de Baixo channel ended the day as the most watched program on television.

“Big Brother Famosos” had 1.5 million viewers, which corresponds to a share of 34.3 percent in the four segments as a whole. This value has not been verified in an entertainment program on Portuguese television since 2016.

The first section of the “BB”, that was the first part of the gala in which we met the competitors, had 1.65 million viewers and had a share of 29.8 percent. The second block after the break had an even larger audience with 1.67 million viewers and a 32 percent market share. The percentage stayed the same for the next segment, in which Bruno de Carvalho became the “President of the House”. Ultimately, the nominations segment gained 39.3 percent market share and 1.18 million viewers. Overall, the TVI program took the first three places for most viewed content and seventh.

In fourth place, however, SIC appears for the first time with “Jornal da Noite”, which was seen by 1.3 million viewers and had a share of 24.7 percent. The competition presented by chef Ljubomir made it into the top ten, but only in sixth place, thanks to a 21.8 percent share, which corresponds to 1.2 million viewers.

Nevertheless, TVI and SIC were tied at the end of the day, with both channels achieving a total daily share of 19.4 percent.