Criminal troublemakers in Bundeswehr uniform face consequences | free press


After protests in Flecktarn, things get too colorful for the armed forces leadership. Retired soldiers who break the law and statutes should be sanctioned.

Berlin (dpa) – The Ministry of Defense does not want to tolerate the appearance of retired soldiers in uniform in possible criminal offenses. Disturbances, such as those from the so-called ‘silk thinkers’ scene in the disaster area on the Ahr, are now threatened with consequences.

“In principle, regardless of a specific individual case, it can be determined that any form of extremism damages the reputation of the Bundeswehr and has negative effects on the internal structure and thus also on the operational readiness of the troops,” said a spokesman for the ministry. of Defense Thursday at the request of the German news agency. The Bundeswehr distanced itself from such incidents.

Disciplinary law also after “dismissal”

Regardless of the specific individual case, the disciplinary law continues to apply even after the ‘dismissal’. “For ex-servicemen who are sufficiently suspected of serious crimes or misdemeanors, a ban on dressing and wearing a uniform is usually imposed and legal disciplinary proceedings are initiated. This can lead to a reduction of the relevant pension by a maximum of 1/3,” said the spokesperson. In particularly serious cases, the old-age pension and grade may be withdrawn.

The ministry had ‘taken note’ of the earlier reports. It was about disruptions in the relief effort, about the appearance of prominent representatives of the ‘lateral thinkers’ movement in the disaster area and also about a retired colonel who showed himself in uniform. The ministry asked to “understand that due to data protection and the protection of the data subject’s general personal rights, in this case only information can be given that the data subject is not an active soldier in the Bundeswehr”.

In the disaster area on the Ahr, the police are monitoring possible activities of right-wing extremists and the so-called “silk thinkers” scene. “We are aware of the presence via social media and are of course also on site,” said a police spokesperson. The Koblenz police said on Twitter that they knew that right-wing extremists were currently posing as ‘caregivers on the ground’.

Also nearby was a police-style car labeled “Peace Vehicle”, spreading false reports. Political scientist Josef Holnburger said one of the things going on was to use this vehicle to sow distrust of the state. He noted that right-wing extremists and people from the ‘lateral thinker’ scene were joining forces.