COVID-19 Impact on Personal Protective Equipment Market garner a revenue of $ 53.2 billion in the post-COVID period

Personal protective equipment or PPE is a commonly used term during any infectious disease or pandemic. Personal protective equipment is a medical apparatus. It includes protective items such as gloves, facemasks, protective clothing, goggles, helmets, respirators or other equipment designed to secure the wearer from any kind of infection. PPE is used mainly in the healthcare industry, especially in clinics, labs, and hospitals. This equipment kit functions as a barrier between the infectious material and the user’s skin, mouth, nose, or eyes preventing the transmission of contaminants.

The spread of infection can be reduced by using the PPE kit in a correct way with other practices such as frequent hand-washing, using alcohol-based sanitizers, and covering sneezes or coughs.

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With the coronavirus outbreak, great emphasis has been put on the workplace safety in the healthcare industry across developed as well as developing countries. Rising demand of PPE kit across the military and law enforcement, mining sector, and fire services has brought positive effect to the global PPE industry.

Presently, the demand of PPE kit has been increasing immensely to prevent the transmission of the novel coronavirus across the world. This demand has emerges as boon for this industry. The World Health Organization (WHO) has advised the governments that the manufacturing industries must increase the production of PPE kit by 40% to meet the rising global demand during the pandemic.

Impact of COVID-19 on the Industry

Coronavirus pandemic has been emerged as an unprecedented global health emergency resulting in massive number of mortality. Governments across the world have imposed lockdown throughout nations to stop the spread of the virus which led to economic and industrial hazards. Businesses has witnessed adverse downfall. Yet, due to its contribution or indispensable necessity to curb the viral infection, PPE kit industry has become able to survive the odds.

The frontline players of industry are investing lots of efforts in Research and Development, and focusing on new product development and initiating strategic partnerships with other company leaders to fight the COVID-19 crisis. Here’s an instance:

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in collaboration with the private sector is developing breakthrough technologies at affordable cost for the mass production of personal protective equipment. This is an initiative taken by the Government of India.

The significant market players are emphasizing on the scientific and technological advances to improve the manufacturing procedures of the personal protective equipment. An example is the intiative taken by Paulson Company, a manufacturer of the most reliable safety protective equipment. This company has manufactured smarter designs that account for the comfort of workers and provide greater freedom of movement. This company has also designed an advanced new eye protection solutions, an anti-fog technology, which provides a huge benefit for labor who require a clear field of vision.

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The emergence of coronavirus has impacted the global personal protective equipment market in a positive way. Despite supply chain disruption, the market is booming at an optimist rate. Research Dive has published a report based on the latest analysis of the market. The analysis states that the market is estimated to garner a revenue of $ 53.2 billion in the post-COVID period, which was previously estimated to be $ 51.8 billion.

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