COVID-19 Impact On Aluminum Fishing Boat industry report 2018 potential growth, share, demand and forecast till 2026

The COVID-19 pandemic has started beginning to affect various industries all across the world and the aluminum fishing boat industry is no different. Since ages, fishing has been considered as a highly practiced occupation. Traditionally, fishing was done using a varied range of boats including reed boats, rafts, dugout canoes, and boats built from a frame encircled with tree bark or hide. However, the invention of the aluminum fishing boats has brought a vivid change to the outdated methods of fishing.

Aluminum fishing boats are widely used for freshwater boating and fishing due to its beneficial properties such as robustness, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance. Moreover, the growing trend towards freshwater boating activities is gaining importance, which is increasing the demand for aluminum fishing boats all over the world. However, according to the Research Dive published report, the COVID-19 outbreak has negatively impacted the global aluminum fishing boat market. Due to a lockdown declared in most of the countries all across the globe, the boating and fishing experience has now been halted for a while. Besides, when this pandemic comes to an end, the global market will witness a significant growth in the coming future.

Choosing Aluminum Over Fiberglass for Better Fishing Experience Post-COVID-19 Crisis

Ski and fish boats are the ultimate when it comes to versatility, but there are some major advantages when choosing aluminum fishing boats over fiberglass boats. Longevity, upkeep, construction, and cost are all the key factors that one should look for in order to define an excellent watercraft after post-coronavirus pandemic. If you’re new in the market for boat or presently own an aluminum fishing boat, listed below are some reasons that make the aluminum fishing boat, a best option for all your boating adventures after COVID-19 chaos.

1) Cost

Cost is one of the biggest deciding factors to purchase a boat and to get the best value for your money. Though aluminum is more expensive as compared to the fiberglass, it takes more fiberglass to reach the same strength as aluminum. Around 3,000 to 4,000 pounds is required to construct a boat, whereas, only 1,000 pounds is enough for constructing an aluminum fishing boat. This clearly shows that the cost of an aluminum hull will cost considerably less than a fiberglass hull of similar strength.

Thus, the greatest cost advantage of aluminum fishing boats is that they are lightweight with tremendous strength. These boats have better fuel efficiency and speed due to its lightweight and are also easy to trail. Thus, choosing an aluminum fishing boat over fiberglass after these trying times will help in recovering the losses at a speedy rate.

2) Construction

It is significant to ensure that your boat is built strong for boating adventures. Aluminum is an excellent material for ski and fishing boats because of its flexibility and the ability to spring-back without breaking when an impact occurs. On the other hand, fiberglass is more brittle and can crack on impact. When comparing an aluminum fishing boat vs fiberglass boat, the hulls of aluminum are fire proof unlike fiberglass.

In addition, the production techniques for aluminum fishing boats have gotten more advanced over the last few years. With the use of computer-controlled cutting and 3D CAD software, hull pieces can be quickly cut with greater precision. Moreover, aluminum fishing boat construction is also more environmentally unlike fiberglass where resins and solvents are involved in its production.

3) Upkeep and Longevity

All boats require maintenance, but the case is a little different with the aluminum fishing boats as they have an ability to travel through swallower, rockier rivers that fiberglass boats can’t. Though the dents are visible on the aluminum fishing boats, they can be effortlessly pounded out. This makes the aluminum fishing boat the favorite option for boating adventures.

In order to recover the losses observed in this unprecedented COVID-19 chaos, the major market players and the manufacturers are implementing several strategies. Thus, it is also important for the fishermen to apply various strategies to recover the losses post-coronavirus pandemic. Since, awareness is growing amongst people regarding the health benefits of seafood, the demand for fishing will increase, thereby increasing the demand for aluminum fishing boats. Also, aluminum fishing boats are considered as the best option when it comes to fishing on both fresh as well as salt water bodies.

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