Cover baby of “Nevermind” sues Nirvana for “child pornography”

Cover baby of “Nevermind” sues Nirvana for “child pornography”

Spencer Elden is now 30 years old and the lawsuit also accuses other bodies involved in promoting and releasing the album.

Spencer Elden recreated the photo in 2016.

Spencer Elden, now 30, was the baby photographed for the cover of “Nevermind,” one of Nirvana’s most important and popular albums, released in 1991. This Tuesday, August 24th, he sued the band members, various publishers, art directors and others who allegedly violated child pornography laws and caused him long-term suffering by “smuggling” his image around the world.

Los Angeles-born Elden argues in the lawsuit that his “identity and legal name are forever tied to the commercial sexual exploitation he experienced as a minor”. According to the lawsuit, the defendants “used Spencer to produce, own, and commercially promote child pornography”.

Spencer Elden was born the year the record came out.

The lawsuit also states that “the use of child pornography was part of the album’s promotional program to generate attention, gain notoriety, increase sales, and gain media attention and criticism.”

According to the indictment, Spencer Elden’s parents never gave written permission to use the photos of the four-month-old baby taken in 1991 at a water center in Pasadena. Allegedly, Elden never received any compensation or payment. The trial requires each of the 17 defendants, be they individuals or companies, to pay $ 150,000 in damages.

Spencer’s father was working in the photo shoot at the time, so he knew Kirk Weddle, an underwater photography expert who was responsible for the shoot that led to the cover of Nevermind. Weddle asked Spencer if they could take photos – but the parents could hardly imagine the impact those images would have on global pop culture. The album has sold over 30 million copies worldwide to date.

Over the years, Spencer Elden has recreated the underwater photo and tattooed the word “Nevermind” on his chest, even though he was uncomfortable with the whole situation.

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