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Court investigates Navalny detention | Free press

The much-criticized detention of Putin’s opponent Alexej Navalny will be decided in a short trial. Investigators search in advance offices and private apartments near the opposition politician.

Moscow (dpa) – After the detention of Kremlin critic Alexej Navalny, a court wants to rule on an appeal against the 30-day sentence.

Navalny’s lawyers today want to secure the 44-year-old’s release in Khimki’s court near Moscow. The Russian opposition leader was arrested at Moscow airport on January 17, immediately after returning to Russia. He is said to have violated reporting requirements in previous criminal proceedings while recovering from a poison attack in Germany.

On Wednesday, masked men in uniform searched Navalny’s homes and offices, as well as relatives and employees. Security forces turned up in the office of Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation and in his family apartment in Moscow and that of his wife Julia. The reason should have been violations of corona hygiene regulations. Then, according to the team, Navalny’s brother Oleg, his confidant Lyubov Sobol, and an employee of the foundation were arrested. The opposition team criticized the fact that the police were allowed access to the apartments, in some cases by force, and that lawyers did not allow them to see the suspect or did so too late.

The Navalny organization fights corruption in the Russian power apparatus and in the past had to accept searches and seizures of computers in its various offices. Navalny had first lined up for President Vladimir Putin this month in one of his critically acclaimed revelation films – attributing him a huge palace on the Black Sea financed by bribes. Putin said he had nothing to do with the billion dollar property featured in the more than 95 million watched movie “A Palace for Putin”.

Nawalny’s team have announced that they want to continue mass protests for the release of Putin’s opponent next Sunday – regardless of what the court announces now. Because a decision will not be made until February 2 whether Nawalny’s previous suspended sentence – as required by the prison system – will be converted into real detention. He also faces further lawsuits and many years in jail.

In protests in more than 100 Russian cities on Saturday, organizers said up to 300,000 people demanded the release of Navalny. The civil rights portal OWD-Info counted almost 4,000 arrests at the unauthorized meetings. Roskomnadzor’s media regulator has fined several social networks for not removing demo calls to minors. The fines for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and others were between 800,000 and four million rubles (between about 8,740 and 43,600 euros), according to the announcement.

In August, Navalny was the victim of an assassination attempt involving the neurotoxin Novichok in Tomsk, Siberia. He then created a “killer squad” of the FSB domestic intelligence agency commanded by President Vladimir Putin, responsible for the attack. Putin and the FSB reject that. The EU has imposed sanctions on senior Russian officials because of the attack. The Russian authorities refuse to investigate the internationally convicted crime and treat Navalny like a criminal.

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