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Since the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan, the radical Islamist Taliban have been on the rise. Germany and the US, among others, are now calling for an end to the military offensive.

Kabul (AP) – The US, Germany and other countries have called on the militant Islamist Taliban to halt their military offensive in Afghanistan.

In a statement released Monday by diplomatic missions, the signatories called for a swift end to the Islamists’ military advance. This is in direct contradiction to their claim to support a political solution to the conflict.

The offensive resulted in the loss of innocent lives, the displacement of the civilian population, looting and arson, as well as the destruction of key infrastructure and damage to communications networks. Arbitrary detentions and killings of civilians, as well as attacks on prisons, showed an extremely worrying disregard for the rule of law, the statement said.

Residents and observers in Taliban-occupied districts also credibly reported attempts to suppress the human rights of women and girls and to shut down private and public media organizations to cover up human rights violations and restrict freedom of expression.

When international forces began to withdraw in early May, the Taliban launched several offensives, gaining significant territorial gains. They now control just over half of all districts in the country. US President Joe Biden says the US mission in Afghanistan will end at the end of August.

Peace talks between the Islamists and the government in Kabul have been going on since September of the previous year but have stalled. The trial was set to kick off last week with a high-level meeting between the two sides. The parties said on Sunday they planned more such meetings.

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