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Corona vaccine: Astrazeneca applies for approval in the EU | Free press

The British-Swedish company Astrazeneca wants to take a big hurdle with its corona vaccine: it is applying for approval for the European market. The remedy works in two ways.

Amsterdam / Cambridge (dpa) – The Swedish-British pharmaceutical company Astrazeneca has applied for approval for its corona vaccine from the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

The evaluation of the vaccine will take place “in an accelerated timeframe”, the EMA announced in Amsterdam. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, welcomed the announcement as good news. The EMA assesses safety and effectiveness. “Once the vaccine gets a positive scientific assessment, we will be working at full speed to use it in Europe,” von der Leyen wrote on Twitter.

The group developed the vaccine together with the renowned Oxford University. Unlike the vaccines from the Mainz company Biontech and the pharmaceutical company Pfizer and the American company Moderna, the British-Swedish preparation does not belong to the so-called mRNA vaccines. The European Union has already ordered hundreds of millions of cans from Astrazeneca. In total, billions of cans have been ordered there worldwide.

The promising compound AZD1222 is based on the attenuated version of a chimpanzee cold virus. It contains genetic material from a surface protein that gets the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen onto human cells. It works in two ways: It is supposed to promote the formation of specific antibodies and T cells – both are important for the immune system.

Initially, the company also criticized its vaccine: there were concerns about the study design and the high effectiveness of the drug was also questioned by some experts. The group continued with further investigation. A big advantage of the vaccine is that, according to the information, it can be stored at refrigerator temperatures of two to eight degrees.

The EMA assesses and monitors medicines for the European market, including corona vaccines. Due to Brexit, the authority moved its headquarters from London to Amsterdam in the spring of 2019.

Great Britain has been using the vaccine for more than a week.

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