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Corona: Uniform rules for vaccinated and recovering in sight | Free press

Berlin (dpa) – The nationwide repeal of certain freedom restrictions for fully vaccinated people should be decided this week.

According to information from the German news agency, the union and the SPD have agreed that the relevant changes will be decided on Thursday in the Bundestag and on Friday in the Federal Council. Union representative Thorsten Frei told Handelsblatt: “On Saturday, the first exceptions for vaccinated and convalescing persons could apply.”

However, representatives of the federal government were not hoping for quick relief in the hospitality or tourism industry. Whitsun leave remains unlikely.

As evidenced by a letter from the Federal Chancellery received by the DPA, members of the federal government have already approved a new regulation on the return of rights to vaccinated and convalescing people in the so-called circulation procedure. On Wednesday, there must be a formal decision in the federal cabinet before the Bundestag and Bundesrat can vote.

Similar rules are already in force in various states for withdrawing restrictions for vaccinated persons. It is now a matter of national regulation.

On the one hand, the aim is to ensure that vaccinated and convalescent people are legally equated with people who have tested negative. Vaccinated and convalescent people should also be able to go to shops, zoos, or hairdressers without prior testing. In addition, the contact restrictions and exit restrictions should be relaxed or lifted for them as well.

After traveling, they don’t need to be quarantined – unless they come from a virus-variant area. The obligation to wear a mask in certain places and the distance requirement in public spaces must continue to apply to everyone.

According to Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht (SPD), someone who can demonstrate with a one to six month old positive PCR test that he already has a corona infection is considered to have recovered.

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) also announced after consultation with the so-called Corona cabinet that in the future, a full vaccination certificate should be sufficient instead of a test when entering Germany. According to Spahn, a corresponding change in the admission regulations is planned. It remained unclear whether vaccination with a vaccine not approved in the EU would also be accepted as evidence.

More than 28 percent of citizens in Germany have now been vaccinated against Corona at least once, the Robert Koch Institute announced on Monday afternoon. So far, eight percent of the population has full vaccination protection.

The reigning Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, who also chairs the Prime Minister of the state, told the “Rheinische Post”: “If people who have been vaccinated or recovered no longer pose a relevant risk of infection and they are also protected, the reason for the hard ones is not applying Corona measures to contain the pandemic. “

It goes without saying that these people should get their fundamental rights and freedoms back as soon as possible, the SPD politician said. It is not about privileges, but about rights and the way back to normalcy.

When it comes to travel and gastronomy, however, normality is not yet in sight: the holiday during Whitsun in just under three weeks “will unfortunately fall back into the water in many holiday regions,” said Thomas Bareiß, the tourism commissioner of the federal government. (CDU) of the “Bild” newspaper.

But he is confident that travel in Germany will be possible in more and more regions from June. It is important that the federal lockdown does not go beyond June 30. beyond – until then it is limited – will be extended. Hotels and restaurants have introduced good security concepts.

The SPD’s co-federal chairman, Saskia Esken, spoke out against opening restaurants and hotels for vaccinated and convalescing people. Although contact restrictions or nightly exit restrictions for these people must be lifted, “we will therefore not open the restaurants and hotels to individual people”, Esken said on Monday in the RTL / ntv program “Frühstart”. In view of the opening of restaurants and hotels, she referred to the federal emergency brake roadmap, in which opening steps are linked to corresponding incidents.

Sharp criticism came from the FDP: “It is a shame that the SPD co-chair, against his better judgment, wants to enforce massive restrictions on fundamental rights and keep the economy in an artificial permanent coma,” said FDP deputy group leader Stephan Thomae. . Since fully vaccinated and convalescent individuals had only a minimal risk of infection, they should have access to sports facilities, hotels and indoor restaurants. The same should be true for those who have been tested.

The economic policy spokesman for the left-wing parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Klaus Ernst, also called on the federal government to “immediately resume restaurants, hotels and cultural establishments”.



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