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Corona rules: stricter resolutions enter into force | Free press

Berlin (dpa) – Tighter contact restrictions in December, easing at Christmas – the new corona rules enacted by federal and state governments have come into effect in most states today.

Restaurants, theaters and leisure facilities will therefore remain closed. In addition, private meetings are now limited to a maximum of five people from your own household and one other household. Children up to 14 years old are not counted here. In November, meetings with up to ten people from two households were usually still allowed.

One of the December decisions is to extend the partial lockdown that is already in effect until December 20. “We need one more effort,” Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed last week after consulting the Prime Minister.

The extension of the measures is intended to prevent overburdening the hospitals. “The number of patients is still increasing, but not as much as two weeks ago. If that remained the case, the development of the clinics would be manageable, ”said the president of the German hospital association Gerald Gass of the“ Passauer Neue Presse ”(Tuesday).

There are currently nearly 40 percent more patients in intensive care units nationwide than in the spring, Gass said. “The second wave of pandemics is hitting the clinics harder. There are currently more patients in normal wards. This is because advances in therapies are making it possible to save a number of corona patients from coming to intensive care and needing to be ventilated. In general, the burden on hospitals is very high. “

In the fight against the pandemic, faster tests can be used in the future – in nursing homes, clinics and, after infection, in schools. This provides for a new regulation from Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU), which should enter into force on Wednesday. Rapid tests are now also possible in emergency services and day clinics. For those returning from Corona-risk areas abroad, corona tests will soon no longer be free after entry – this option should end on December 15, the ministry’s German news agency heard.

Rapid tests are now available in larger quantities. Samples do not need to be brought to the laboratory for evaluation. However, these antigen tests are not considered to be as accurate as other PCR tests. They must be removed by trained medically qualified personnel. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), a positive result of a rapid test should be confirmed by a PCR test.

The rules that apply from Tuesday will be slightly relaxed for the days around Christmas. From December 23 to January 1, ten people must be able to get together with friends and family.

As in November, schools and day care centers will remain open. It was agreed that a mask is required in class from the seventh grade – depending on the regional Corona numbers. Students who tested positive and their classmates should be immediately placed in a five-day quarantine. Anyone who subsequently tests negative can end the quarantine.

Since December 1, the maximum number of customers in large stores has also been more limited. In shops with a sales area of ​​up to 800 square meters, there may be a maximum of one person per 10 square meters of sales area. At larger stores, a maximum of one person per 20 square meters of sales area may use the extra space.

Some countries may deviate from the rules. For example, Berlin has announced that only five people will be allowed to gather during the holidays. Schleswig-Holstein, on the other hand, adheres to the ten-person rule even before Christmas.


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