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Corona exit restrictions from 10pm only | Free press

The union and the SPD have made changes to the federal emergency brake after criticism: walking and jogging is allowed until midnight. Adjustments were also made in the retail trade and schools.

Berlin (dpa) – National rules to contain the corona pandemic should now be slightly less strict than originally planned.

This was announced by MPs from the SPD and the Union after deliberations on the new law to protect the population in an epidemic situation of national scope. Nightly exit restrictions must therefore be between 10 PM and 5 AM. Jogging and walking must be allowed until midnight.

In the retail trade, the collection of ordered goods (Click & Collect) should remain possible even with large numbers of infections. If the law were passed by the Bundestag, distance learning would be compulsory for schools from an incidence of 165. In the original draft, a threshold of 200 was mentioned here.

Group sport should remain possible for children up to 14 years old. Employers must provide two corona tests per week. All prescriptions are initially limited – until June 30. The purpose of the bill is to regulate restrictions on public life nationally – with the so-called emergency brake: if the seven-day incidence in a city or district exceeds 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants for three consecutive days, the same rules must apply. are valid there.

The Bundestag wants to vote on the changes in civil protection on Wednesday. Then the law still has to pass the Federal Council. In an earlier design, nightly exit restrictions were foreseen from 9 p.m. This point in particular caused a lot of criticism in the opposition.

What’s also new is that the federal government cannot issue regulations to contain the pandemic and bypass the Bundestag. The old version of the bill stated that the federal government would be empowered to “issue statutory ordinances, with the consent of the Federal Council, to uniformly enact corona measures.” The Bundestag must agree. Without any reservations or conditions ”, said deputy SPD party chairman Dirk Wiese. That was the crucial point for his group in the negotiations with the Union.

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