Cook dishes from Studio Ghibli movies right from home


Have you always dreamed of devouring the food in the Ghibli Studios movies? Thanks to a brand new recipe book, your dream will soon come true!

20 recipes that will make your mouth water

Ghibli Studios films have shaped generations and will mark others. During these animated films, we can regularly see characters eating. Food that is pulled, but that surely made your mouth water. Thanks to the Ynnis editions, you can create 20 recipes from Ghibli films such as Spirited Away, Ponyo on the Cliff, Howl’s Moving Castle or Kiki’s delivery service. The Studio Ghibli Film Recipes book consists of 144 pages and 300 color images. In addition to the recipes, you have the right to anecdotes about the various films.

Here is the official round-up:

“Every time we create something with love, hope or passion, we give soul to our creation. “Baron von Gikkingen, The Cat Realm

Explore over twenty recipes from Studio Ghibli movies, from red bean rolls to ponyo’s ramen on the cliff!

Whether it’s a moment of family exchange, comfort in difficult situations, or terrible temptations, kitchen scenes are always paramount in Ghibli’s films. These good little dishes are now arriving on our plates! For the first time in France, discover a recipe book inspired by Studio Ghibli’s greatest masterpieces!

Anecdotes and unforgettable film recipes: Arrietty: The Little World of Thieves, Howl’s Moving Castle, The Castle in the Sky, The Poppy Hill, The Story of Princess Kaguya, The Stories of Earthsea, Kiki the Little Witch, Mes Neighbors of the Yamada, My Neighbor Totoro, Nausicaä from the Valley of the Wind, Pompoko, Ponyo on the Cliff, Porco Rosso, Princess Mononoke, The Kingdom of Cats, If you listen, Memories of Marnie, Drop memories, The tomb of the fireflies, The wind rises, Spirited Away.

The book Studio Ghibli Film Recipes will be available from November 18, 2020 for € 17.95. To order from Amazon, it’s here, and for Fnac, it’s there.