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Controversy between Merz and Greens over immigration | free press

The Greens want to separate the duties of the immigration society from the Ministry of the Interior. After criticism from CDU secretary general Ziemiak, Friedrich Merz has now also spoken out.

Berlin (AP) – CDU politician Friedrich Merz has sharply attacked the Greens. “A green ‘immigration ministry’ should invite as many immigrants as possible to Germany, regardless of their ability to integrate,” Merz wrote on Twitter and in a post to “Focus Online”.

The “gender language must also be imposed on all of us and the country must be covered with new rules of conduct, taxes and fees”. The Greens want to bundle issues of equality and participation in a separate ministry. “For this we will separate the duties of the immigration service from the Ministry of the Interior,” the election program says.

The federal director of the Greens, Michael Kellner, told the editorial network Germany (RND) of Merz’s allegations: “The whole thing is pretty far-fetched.” Kellner added: “I’d like Friedrich Merz to try it with his own suggestions – then we’d be happy to discuss it.” Greens deputy leader Ricarda Lang wrote on Twitter: “For the Union, people with a migration history are only part of this society when it fits, and once things go bad they are instrumentalized as an enemy.”

CDU Secretary General Paul Ziemiak had rejected the idea of ​​a ministry for immigration issues. “We don’t need a green multicultural ministry in which left-wing activists carry out their agenda. We need to properly organize and manage the migration,” Ziemiak wrote on Twitter.


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