Consumer advocates want tax cut on fruit and vegetables | free press


Better livestock farming costs money – consumers are also noticing this at the meat counter. Consumer advocates argue for compensation: there is less than seven percent VAT on fruit and vegetables.

Berlin (dpa) – The consumer advice centers are demanding compensation for any meat and sausage surcharges to fund better livestock farming in Germany.

The head of the Federal Association (vzbv), Klaus Müller, told the German news agency: “It is important to provide relief in addition to this price increase.” It would have an immediate effect if fruit, vegetables and legumes were simultaneously subject to an even lower VAT rate. “That means we would be below seven percent here.”

The debate on food prices is getting underway. A committee of experts led by former Agriculture Minister Jochen Borchert has proposed an “animal welfare tax” to fund billions in farmers’ investments in better living conditions. According to this, 40 cents per kilogram of meat and sausage would be conceivable, this could be introduced as a consumption tax.

Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) supports such plans. Concrete implementation, however, is a matter for a new government after the general elections.

“Real cutback” in habits and budget

Müller said it was about acceptance. “If we want to keep animals in a different way, which the majority of the population supports, you will also see that reflected in the prices.” For many consumers, however, more expensive animal products meant “a real cut in their lifestyle and household budget”. That is why, in addition to free high-quality catering in nurseries and schools and the increase in social transfer benefits, it is an important point to compensate for this via VAT.

A cut in the value-added tax to promote fruits and vegetables was also mentioned by a federal cabinet committee on the future of agriculture as an option for financial incentives.