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Even in Corona times, the climate activists are demonstrating – but no longer in keeping with the pandemic in thousands. Now the highest German constitutional court has made a decision that turns its back on them.

Karlsruhe (dpa) – The federal climate protection law does not conform to the position of the federal constitutional court.

The Karlsruhe judges have required the legislator to fine-tune the greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for the period after 2030 by the end of next year. Constitutional complaints from various climate protectors were partially successful (Ref .: 1 BvR 2656/18 et al.)

The judges stated that the complainants, some of whom were very young, had violated their rights to liberty as a result of the provisions of the law. “The regulations irreversibly postpone high emission reduction costs to periods after 2030.”

Limiting an increase in the global mean temperature to well below 2 degrees and if possible to 1.5 degrees, as planned, would then only be feasible with increasingly urgent and short-term measures. “Virtually any freedom may be affected by these future emission reduction commitments, as nearly all areas of human life are still associated with greenhouse gas emissions and are therefore threatened by drastic restrictions beyond 2030,” the statement said. In order to preserve the fundamentally guaranteed freedom, the legislator should have taken precautions “to alleviate these high burdens”.

The Bundestag and Bundesrat approved the federal government’s climate package in late 2019 after federal and state governments reached compromises. The core issue is the Climate Protection Act. For individual areas such as traffic, agriculture or buildings, it indicates how many greenhouse gases they are allowed to emit in which year.

“The purpose of this law is to ensure that national climate protection targets are met and European targets are met,” said the federal Ministry of the Environment. According to the Paris Climate Agreement – which forms the basis of German law – the increase in global average temperature must be limited to well below 2 degrees and, if possible, to 1.5 degrees Celsius, in order to preserve the effects of climate change . as low as possible.

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