Console output may be delayed due to coronavirus


PlayStation 5 will be released here on November 19th. A home console that millions of gamers around the world are waiting for. The pre-orders melted like snow in the sun and showed the monster enthusiasm that is behind this event publication. Problem: The coronavirus pandemic may delay console output.

in the direction of postponing the launch of the ps5?

The wait for players who pre-ordered the PlayStation 5 shouldn’t be long. If we are to believe Sony, the next generation console will not be released until November 12 in the affected countries, then in ours on November 19. However, a few weeks before the PlayStation 5 launches, rumors of a possible postponement are intensifying. Flurry noises coming to us this time from Reddit where a player who pre-ordered the PlayStation 5 had an informative discussion with a UK salesman at the GAME dealer.

“GAME in the UK asked me to come to the store yesterday to prepay my PS5 so I could pick it up on the 19th. I went there this morning and learned: ‘Sony didn’t tell us any To make more upfront payments so they can get closer or postpone the UK, France and Germany release date due to lockdown. “

Information that must be absorbed with a grain of salt, especially since delays can be expected even if the PlayStation 5 is to be released on November 19th in France. The resellers have not officially informed of a possible postponement and even ensured that some players can leave with their console on November 19th as agreed.

Additionally, postponing the console launch to less than three weeks from the official date would likely cost the manufacturer a fortune. It’s hard to believe that Sony will alienate gamers, especially since stocks are limited and the release catalog has shrunk over the months. If there is a shift, the Japanese giant should communicate about it in the coming days, although it is unlikely.