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Berlin (AP) – After the CDU federal party congress with the election of Armin Laschet as the new chairman, resentment is growing in the conservative part of the party.

The head of the Union of Values, Alexander Mitsch, called for a team solution on Monday from Laschet as party leader and defeated Friedrich Merz as chancellor candidate. Mitsch told the German news agency that he was shocked by the outcome of the federal party conference. With their majority in favor of Laschet, the officials had massively ignored the party base’s vote, he criticized. Contrary to what has been said, the CDU is not closed. “It’s cooking on the base.” He hears about massive layoffs.

North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister Laschet won the second round against Merz at the digital party conference on Saturday. Immediately afterwards, the former leader of the Union in the Bundestag offered the new party leader to join the current federal government as Minister of Economic Affairs. For this he would have had to depose the incumbent Peter Altmaier, who immediately rejected Chancellor Angela Merkel (both CDU).

But Union of Values ​​boss Mitsch also demanded a post in the federal cabinet for Merz on Monday. Laschet had to make it clear to the Chancellor that Merz was important to the CDU and Germany. Without Merz, it will be very difficult for the CDU to win elections. The conservative and economically liberal forces in the party should now receive concrete offers, Mitsch told the Dpa.

The Union of Values ​​sees itself as a representative of the conservative movement in the Union, but is not an official party division. According to Mitsch, it has more than 4,000 members.

Merz continues to be criticized for its unexpected advance. It has to be doubted whether he will be involved in the party, Schleswig-Holstein Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) said on NDR Info on Monday. “We are not an agency for government offices. Of course it doesn’t work that way, ”says Günther. If an election is lost, one cannot immediately appeal to a state office.

The Deputy Chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Carsten Linnemann, also said the Merz initiative was “beyond irritating”. At the same time he confessed to RTL / NTV that the election results at the party congress were “disappointing” for him. “That will have happened to every Merz supporter.” But now he is going to support the new CDU chairman Laschet. “But I think it will take longer this time than after the Hamburg Party Congress in 2018, before we can all get back on track.” Laschet will “now have to come up with something to give the German CDU a clear means of identification”.

Alexander Dobrindt, the leader of the CSU, pushed for solidarity and a concerted effort for a bourgeois government alliance after the federal elections on September 26. “The guiding decision for 2021 is crystal clear: Green-led left coalition against the middle class in Germany,” he told the German news agency. “We now want to pool the opportunities between the CDU and CSU to decide this direction for us.”

“Team spirit in the Union now means holding the broad center together and forming a unifying group through the Christian-social, liberal and bourgeois conservatives,” Dobrindt said.

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