conquer the One Ring in this new one that has just been announced


In 2003, The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King was released for PlayStation 2, which is known as one of the best games in the franchise to date. Middle-earth in 2014 offers a license that has had to reinvent itself over the years: The Shadow of Mordor and its nemesis system. And at the beginning of the broadcast of a first series with the stamp The Lord of the Rings, here Warner announces a new game for the license.

new Lord of the Rings game announced

This new game called The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War was recently announced by Warner. A stroke of luck for fans of the saga who can find their way back to Middle-earth shortly before the Amazon series airs. A title “officially licensed based on the iconic literary trilogy by JRR Tolkien and the OSCAR-winning film adaptations directed by Peter Jackson” makes the press release for this new game heard.

In The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War, players take part in a global conflict. You will then have to produce powerful and well-trained armies to conquer the neighboring territories and even relentlessly pursue the One Ring. Set during the Third Age of Middle-earth, a title “provides a haunting and faithful rendering of the fictional world of Arda and her many characters, from Ranger Aragorn to Rivendell elf prince, Elrond”.

Described as a “seasonal geostrategic war game”, The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War will challenge players to make a complicated choice: to choose between good and evil. It’s up to you to organize communities and troops to attack your rivals and work hand-in-hand with your adventure friends, or someday to achieve victory. Each victory enables your alliance to acquire new territory, and vice versa in the event of a defeat. On the gameplay side, the latter is described as “cutting edge” and “immersive” as “the game’s simulated warfare confronts fans with the engaging and realistic consequences of their in-game actions, all inspired by a remarkable story”.

The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War will arrive on phones in Europe, America, Oceania and Southeast Asia in 2021. Pre-registrations are already possible in the App Store, Google Play Store, Galaxy Store and on the official website of the game. Bilbo Baggins “is sent to them.