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Compared to PS5 and Xbox Series X versions, one console stands out

After a release on current consoles, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla could be present on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S / X, the next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. A highly anticipated title that is nothing more than the best start to the Ubisoft saga. And while all versions of the game were released, the tech geeks at Digital Foundry were finally able to compare them.

slight advantage for one of the two manufacturers

Through a video of roughly twenty minutes found just above, the Digital Foundry teams compared the next-gen editions of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla lengthways, by and large. In order not to have to go through the entire video, we offer you an extensive summary. What will help you choose if you are hesitant between different versions of the game?

The differences :

“The differences in the graphics of the game completely disappear as soon as we play on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, where Ubisoft wants and provides full parity for platforms. After a series of tests, there is simply no nothing that separates them in terms of rendering: the level of detail of the transitions in the quality of the characters, landscapes, terrain and trees is identical, while the rendering of the shadows is noticeably similar . We couldn’t find any differences in the completed scenarios and no variation in this day / night system, which adapts the lighting to the position of the sun in the sky. “

In the worst case, the PS5 can still enjoy 15% more power:

“Similar to our first series on the differences between Series X and PS5, we looked at feature parity, but again, the difference is in performance. With AC Valhalla, there is only one game mode and the goal remains 60 FPS. Although there are problems on both consoles, the Xbox Series X remains the worst. To add context, Valhalla sticks to running at 60 frames per second, but the engine is under heavy load and cannot render a new image within the 16.7 ms goal. This will bring up a new image when it is available and ready when your screen is updated. A problem that causes the screen to crack. Both systems can cause problems, especially in cutscenes and sometimes during the game. However, the PlayStation 5 is closer to 60 FPS most of the time, while the Xbox Series X struggles with some moments. To be honest, in the worst case scenario, we’ve found the PS5 to deliver 15% more power than its Microsoft counterpart in identical scenarios. “

A game designed during a pandemic and for the current generation, next generation and streaming:

“Of course, it should not be forgotten that we must be patient with game developers who have had to work in development environments and console hardware that are new to them and face the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic. The basic idea that a project as large as Valhalla, That has been published on so many platforms, was possible under these conditions, is impressive. With this information, however, we remain confident that the polish will come in the next few weeks and performance fixes. “

Very minor differences, sometimes absent, on the two consoles. However, there are times when the performance on PlayStation 5 will improve, although that difference doesn’t necessarily affect the scales enough. The differences are likely to be more pronounced in other cross-platform games. Tests and comparisons need to continue.


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