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Commission proposes “future center” for German unity | Free press

Berlin (dpa) – The committee “30 Years of Peaceful Revolution and German Unity” has called for the history of German reunification to be continued in the future.

It proposes the creation of a “future center for European transformation and German unity”. It should explore how social unrest could succeed, said the chairman of the committee set up by the federal government in 2019 and former Prime Minister of Brandenburg Matthias Platzeck at the presentation of the final report in Berlin.

This also includes attention to the development work of the past three decades in dialogue with the citizen. But Platzeck also recalled that in the years after the reunification many hopes of the people of East Germany had been disappointed.

Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey (SPD) said, “The recognition of the life achievements of many East Germans, the pride in what has been achieved and the diversity of lifestyles in Germany must be kept in mind over and over again.” East Germany is still less visible and East Germans are less represented at the country’s management level.

“That must change if we really want to live in a united country with equal living conditions,” said Giffey, who is co-chair of the Berlin regional association SPD and wants to lead its party in the 2021 parliamentary elections. This included strengthening the infrastructure in the East German states or the creation of companies and public institutions.

The committee also proposes to celebrate November 9 as the opening of the Wall, the Pogrom Night of 1938 and the November Revolution of 1918 as a national day of remembrance. October 9 was to be celebrated as “Democracy Day” in memory of the demonstration with more than 70,000 participants in Leipzig in 1989.

Black, red and gold as the colors of democracy should be brought forward more consciously, advised the deputy chairman of the committee and representative of the federal government for the new states, Marco Wanderwitz. “Our national colors black, red and gold must be visible especially on the memorial days.”

The commission also called for SED injustices not to be forgotten and to better honor victims and persecuted people. In addition to public appreciation, this included financial benefits, psychological care and the recognition of health damage.

The Commission is ending its work with the publication of the final report. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) and Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) reportedly received the report Thursday.


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