Colombian Foreign Minister Blum resigns | Free press


At least 42 people have already died in protests against planned reforms, 168 people are missing. The Secretary of State was recently criticized for her crisis management.

Bogotá (dpa) – After protests by protesters criticizing the Colombian government, overshadowed by violence, Secretary of State Claudia Blum left her post. The Colombian media report this.

Reasons for the resignation were not officially announced, including criticism of Blum’s crisis management. The successor therefore becomes Deputy Minister Adriana Mejía.

For two weeks, there have been numerous protests in Colombia, which have also led to riots. According to the latest information from the national ombudsman, at least 42 people died during the protest days and 168 people are missing. Initially, people had demonstrated against a controversial tax reform that has since been withdrawn. Economy Minister Alberto Carrasquilla has therefore already resigned. Most protesters now have new goals, such as opposing a planned health reform and advocating for the fragile peace process.

The UN and the EU were troubled by reports of excessive police brutality – the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly rejected this. Colombia is the second most populous country after Brazil and the most important US ally in South America. Civil war raged for over 50 years, 220,000 people died and millions were displaced.

In 2016, the Colombian government made peace with the Farc guerrillas, the economy revived, tourism, including from Germany, flourished. But peace is fragile.

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