Colombia: Many injured in anti-tax reform protests | Free press


About 50,000 Colombians take to the streets across the country. There have been violent clashes with the security forces. 42 officers are injured in riots.

Bogotá (dpa) – During violent protests against a planned tax reform in Colombia, protesters and police officers have fought violently in some cases.

Home Secretary Daniel Palacios said 42 officials were injured in the riots. 40 suspects were arrested. In the capital Bogotá and the metropolis of Cali, numerous cars and buses were also attacked and several bus stops were destroyed. President Iván Duque condemned the “acts of vandalism” on Twitter.

According to the newspaper “El Tiempo”, about 50,000 Colombians took to the streets in various cities in the South American country. The protesters were not deterred by a court ban and the corona pandemic from protesting against the government’s planned tax reform.

Among other things, the cabinet wants to reduce tax exemptions, increase income tax for certain groups and abolish VAT exemptions for a number of goods and services. This is to offset the state budget deficits caused by the Corona crisis.

Colombia is currently going through one of its most difficult stages since the start of the Corona crisis: 19,745 new Corona cases were registered on Wednesday. In addition, health authorities reported 490 deaths related to Covid-19 – the highest number since the start of the pandemic.

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