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Coal phasing out: environmental groups outraged by Laschet statements | free press

A statement by Armin Laschet about the phasing out of coal in North Rhine-Westphalia infuriates environmental groups. Was the CDU candidate for chancellor misinformed — or even lied?

Berlin (dpa) – Environmental associations have reacted indignantly to statements by Chancellor Armin Laschet about the phasing out of coal.

BUND chairman Olaf Bandt said on Monday: “CDU chancellor candidate Armin Laschet is lying or misinformed when he claims that the BUND and Greenpeace proposed to the coal commission by 2038 to phase out the coal. On the contrary, we have always made it clear that such a late phase-out date for serious climate protection is far too late and therefore called in a special vote for a coal phase-out until 2030 at the latest.”

Martin Kaiser, executive director of Greenpeace Germany, asked on Twitter whether Laschet had been misinformed or lied: “Both are unworthy of someone who wants to be chancellor.”

Laschet was confronted with statements from CSU boss Markus Söder in the ZDF summer interview on Sunday. Söder had announced that he could work to phase out coal as early as 2030. Laschet said at the time that North Rhine-Westphalia was leading the way in phasing out coal and could do so by 2030. “But we had a coal commission with scientists, with Greenpeace, with the BUND, with Professor Schellnhuber, one of the most renowned climate researchers – and they proposed the 2038 date because they were concerned with environmental and social issues, especially in Lusatia in the East. -Germany.” Laschet went on to say that politics should be trustworthy. “That’s why I think we have to stay on track.” Personally, he thinks that the CO2 price will make the exit faster.

Laschet could not be reached on Monday to comment on the environmental associations’ allegations. Bandt said that with the new, tightened European and German climate protection targets, it is no longer possible to avoid a phase-out of coal by 2030. “It won’t work any other way. We expect Armin Laschet to correct his misrepresentation. But above all, we demand that he does not evade the consequences of the new climate protection goals and that he finally advocate a phase-out of coal by 2030.”

The coal commission established by the cabinet published its report at the beginning of 2019. It included representatives from business, trade unions and environmental associations, as well as scientists.


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