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A large space in Berlin is to be taken – according to climate protection activists’ announcement for the week of protest that has just begun. But then it starts later than planned. According to the protesters, the “Blue Team” is the culprit.

Berlin (dpa) – With delays and fewer participants than expected, environmental groups began Monday with their announced protests for this week in Berlin’s government district.

In the morning, several hundred people sat down at the Brandenburg Gate in the square of March 18 to demonstrate for more climate protection. The police were represented by a large contingent. Road traffic was diverted and underground S-Bahn traffic in the area was interrupted.

The sit-in by environmentalists was cleared in the afternoon. Officials carried many young men and women from the streets to the 18 March square. The security services only had problems with a small group of protesters who had glued themselves on the street with superglue, which the police tried to solve with the help of chemicals. In the afternoon, police spokesman Thilo Cablitz said the situation at the Brandenburg Gate was calm. The blockade was lifted. There were about 300 people there.

The environmental initiatives, including the Extinction Rebellion group, also called for the occupation of Monbijou Park near Hackescher Markt. “In the Monbijou Park infrastructure was built in no time: tree houses, honeycombs, tripods, large tents, toilets… A great, colorful camp was created,” the organizers wrote on the internet. Two tents and occasional groups of people could be seen in the park. Police surrounded the area and did not let anyone in or out. Some people were in the trees. According to spokesman Cablitz, there were about 200 people in the park, there were no definitive figures at first.

The police had been present with a large contingent at key points in the center of Berlin since early morning. During the day, the protest organizers admitted: “Team blue made it very difficult for us today. If only the rulers showed so much commitment to the climate catastrophe… »

Several hundred young people started the announced protest week for more climate protection with the sit-down at the Brandenburg Gate. However, the actions were delayed due to the presence of the police and not as many participants as expected. A demonstration is also planned for Tuesday and further blockades of streets, intersections and buildings in the course of the week.

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