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At the latest the flood disaster has shown that climate protection is a matter of livelihood. However, according to the Climate Alliance, it is hardly reflected in the parties’ election manifestos.

Berlin (dpa) – The Climate Alliance Germany sees major catch-up in climate protection in all party election manifestos and has published a “climate election check”.

General manager Christiane Averbeck said on Wednesday that citizens deserved to have a government that wanted to drive change. Federal elections are crucial for climate protection.

Eckart von Hirschhausen, founder of the foundation “Gesunde Erde Gesunde Menschen”, said in view of the flood disaster that the photos of recent weeks had clearly shown that the climate is not a fashion problem, but an existential threat.

During the “climate election check” the election manifestos of the major parties were evaluated for their climate protection policies. Questions are raised on various topics, such as energy and mobility, such as whether to accelerate the phasing out of coal, introduce a speed limit or the energetic renovation of buildings that receive more financial support. The personal answer is then compared with the statements in the election manifestos. Averbeck said election control should make programs transparent. The AfD’s program has not been analyzed because the AfD denies man-made climate change.

The Climate Alliance Germany is a broad social alliance for climate protection with approximately 140 member organizations in the fields of environment, church, development, education, culture, health, consumer protection, youth and trade unions.

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