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Cláudia Vieira hosts SIC’s new talent show

Cláudia Vieira hosts SIC’s new talent show

It’s the presenter’s solo debut in a major entertainment format. In 2020 he directed two editions of “O Groom É que Sabe”.

It marks the celebrations of the station’s 30th anniversary.

These days, Cláudia Vieira is preparing for a new professional challenge that will mark her return to the stage. The actress will also direct “I Can See Your Voice,” one of SIC’s bets for 2022. expanded news this Monday, February 14. Filming will begin in the second quarter of this year.

“I’m excited and over the moon to take the stage in a family show of pure entertainment! I promise we’ll sing, laugh and dance a lot,” Cláudia Vieira wrote on social media to accompany the news.

The premise is simple: a guest artist and two contestants must figure out if they’re dealing with genuinely talented contestants or if they’re just imposters — but before they even hear them sing. To do this, they rely on hints from a jury over four rounds and have to use their intuition. At the end of the game, the remaining mystery singer performs a duet with the guest artist, showing whether or not he can sing. Whoever separates the wheat from the chaff wins.

The talent show, which is being adapted in more than 25 countries, “follows the world trend – of which The Mask” exemplifies – of ‘guessing’ through a joyful fusion with music”. Broadcaster Paço de Arcos said that “this is currently the format that is most adapted in the world”. Spain, France, USA, UK and Germany are some of the areas where the program has been particularly successful.

Produced by Warner Bros Portugal, the format marks Cláudia Vieira’s solo debut in a major entertainment format after directing two episodes of the reality show O Groom É que Sabe in 2020 alone.

Regarding the choice of interpreter to direct the program, Daniel Oliveira, who is in charge of the channel’s non-information programming, said that “Cláudia is at a stage of maturity in her life that allows us to look at her for a disruptive, new format that is to be adapted worldwide. We think it’s a concept that could underlie the idea of ​​celebrating 30 years since SIC faces may be attending. And Cláudia has a natural empathy and joy that I believe will bring a lot to the program and vice versa.”


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