Chinese Foreign Minister Holds Talks With Taliban Leaders | free press


They do not want to interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan. After the “hasty withdrawal” of international troops, China is planning a friendly policy towards the Afghan people.

Beijing (AP) – Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has held talks with Islamist militant Taliban from Afghanistan.

As a spokesman for Beijing’s foreign ministry announced, China’s foreign minister met a delegation led by Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar in the eastern Chinese metropolis of Tianjin on Wednesday.

Wang Yi said China does not want to interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs and is pursuing a friendly policy towards the Afghan people. After the “hasty withdrawal” of US troops and other NATO allies, the Afghan people are faced with new opportunities to take the development of the country into their own hands.

Taliban leader Baradar expressed his appreciation for the Chinese side, calling China a “trustworthy friend”.

Taliban Offensives

Since international forces began to withdraw in early May, the Taliban have launched several offensives in Afghanistan, capturing large areas in the process. They now control just over half of all districts in the country. US President Joe Biden says the US operation in Afghanistan will end at the end of August. Peace talks between the Islamists and the government in Kabul have been going on since September of the previous year but have stalled.