Chinese Foreign Minister Defends Election Reform in Hong Kong | Free press

With the controversial law, Beijing has achieved an important goal: people in China’s Special Administrative Region do not dare to interfere in politics. The Chinese Foreign Minister defends the action.

Beijing (AP) – Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has defended Beijing’s controversial plans for electoral reform in Hong Kong. Loyalty to the homeland is a requirement for government officials in any country.

“Hong Kong is no exception,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Sunday at a press conference to mark the annual meeting of the Chinese People’s Congress in Beijing. He was referring to the principle of electoral reform that Hong Kong should only be “run by patriots”.

The plans will be adopted at the end of the conference on Thursday. Details are not yet known, but the aim is to further limit the influence of pro-democracy forces. So “loopholes” must be closed, as reported by the state media. A Beijing-controlled body could screen all candidates running for political convictions to make sure they are “patriots.”

It has also been proposed to reorganize the election commission that elects Hong Kong’s head of government. Representatives of professional and business associations loyal to Beijing are already part of the 1,200-member committee. According to the plans outlined, the 117 Hong Kong district councils represented so far and belonging to the democratic camp could no longer belong to it in the future.

Following the controversial security law that went into effect on July 1, electoral reform is the second blow against Hong Kong’s liberal political system, which is effectively run autonomously. Beijing leadership is responding to ongoing demonstrations in Hong Kong. The security law focuses on activities that Beijing considers subversive, separatist, terrorist or conspiratorial.

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