China imposes sanctions on US officials | free press


China responds to US government sanctions with sanctions. US officials have been blacklisted from China.

Beijing (AP) – Ahead of US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman’s visit to China, the Beijing government has issued new sanctions against the United States.

In retaliation for US sanctions against representatives of the Chinese Liaison Office in Hong Kong and a US warning of new risks to businesses in China’s Special Administrative Region, sanctions were imposed on seven people and institutions in the US, state media reported Saturday.

Former US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and the chair of the Economic and Security Commission for Dealing with China (USCC), Carolyn Bartholomew, the Hong Kong Democratic Council non-governmental organization and Sophie Richardson of Human Rights Watch were blacklisted for China. For the punitive measure, Beijing used its recently passed law to fight foreign sanctions. Details about the sanctions were not given.

Since Beijing tightened its grip on Hong Kong for a year with a controversial security law, the US has responded with punitive measures. Under the agreements on the return of the former British crown colony to China in 1997, the seven million Hong Kongers would enjoy extensive autonomy and freedoms, but Beijing is taking massive action against critics and the democratic movement in the port city.

As the highest representative of the US since President Joe Biden took office, the US Deputy Secretary of State is expected to visit China on Sunday. During her two-day visit, Sherman will meet with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and US Vice Secretary of State Xie Feng. As a security measure due to the pandemic, the talks are taking place in the city of Tianjin, 130 kilometers from Beijing.

A State Department spokesman called on the US to stop interfering in China’s internal affairs and “blaspheme” Beijing in view of the talks. The US has no right to teach China. The US tried to provoke a confrontation and slow down China’s development.