China calls on all parties in Myanmar to exercise restraint | Free press

Brutal violence against protesters in Myanmar is escalating. But protests against the military continue unabated. China is now calling on all concerned to exercise moderation.

Beijing (AP) – After the coup in Myanmar, China called on all parties to exercise restraint. “Avoiding further bloodshed and confrontation is an immediate priority,” Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at a press conference at the annual meeting of the People’s Congress of China in Beijing.

He called for dialogue and consultation on all parties concerned to resolve the issues “within the legal and constitutional framework”.

The Foreign Minister underlined the friendship between the two countries. China respects Myanmar’s sovereignty and “the will of the people”. Beijing also supports the mediation efforts of the Southeast Asian community of Asean states based on the principle of non-interference, Wang Yi said.

The military coup put Beijing in a dilemma. It pursues strategic and economic interests in the neighboring country. In ancient times, Beijing supported the Naypyidaw military junta. In recent years, however, the Chinese leadership has also conspicuously tried to get the democratically elected de facto government leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who has now been expelled from the military and placed under house arrest.

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