Check Point Research confirms the surge of Cyberattacks from Chinese IPs amidst Russia-Ukraine conflict

A cybersecurity software company called Check Point has seen an increase in cyberattacks aimed at NATO countries. Check Point Research (CPR), the research arm of the company, has seen this. There were a lot more cyberattacks from Chinese IP addresses on NATO countries and around the world last week than there were before Russia invaded Ukraine, a study looked at before and after.

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This means that CPR could not say for sure that the attacks were carried out by Chinese entities. However, it has been said that it is likely that hackers both inside and outside of China are increasingly using Chinese IPs to launch cyberattacks after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine started.

According to CPR, attacks from Chinese IPs are increasing all over the world. Attacks from Chinese IPs rose 60% in the last week compared to the first three weeks of the conflict. Attacks on NATO countries are the same, with Chinese IPs carrying out 86% more attacks last week than they did the week before.

These increases are important because they are much higher than the global rise in cyberattacks during the same time periods. Depending on the company, these trends could mean a lot of different things to them. The price of setting up and operating services in China, for example, could be shown. It could also show how easy it is to hide the source of an attack by routing attacks through an IP address from China. It could also show how global cyber traffic is being sent right now.

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As the fight on the ground in Ukraine goes on, there is also a cyber war going on over the internet. Dozens of stories have surfaced in the last few days about how malware has been used by government organizations in Ukraine to gain illegal control over their systems so that they can be destroyed or made inoperable.

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