Check out these fun pictures of neckless animals (32 photos)

In the age of technology, we’re used to discovering dozens of montages, each funnier than the other. On the other hand, it’s highly unlikely that you’ve seen these montages yet … Terrible? Hilarious? We leave it up to you to choose the adjective that suits you best to define these montages of the artist called nonecks on Instagram. Here are 32 pictures of animals that would have lost their necks during evolution.

1) a blessed one

2) A bear licked well

3) a goat making the face

4) a zebra that looks chubby without a neck

5) an angry elephant

6) a sturdy giraffe

7) when all you can see is the beak

8) a cow that you don’t want to bother you

9) a giraffe that looks much shorter on its legs

10) a daring horse

11) when your mom calls you for dinner

12) Giraffe almost headless

13) a buckskin dog.

14) a neckless zebra is decidedly losing its presence

15) Does he jump deeper now that he has no neck?

16) This giraffe seems to me (…) to be way too muscular

17) a mix between a fish and a bird

18) When you know you did something wrong and the penalty goes down

19) a donkey we want to love

20) if you want to avoid being kissed or shaking your hand (special Covid)

21) a dog who wants neck (csr)

22) completely disproportionate

23) if you are too neck (l) for the photo

24) We are at the neck (rt) of ideas to comment on this form that is not in nature …

25) a tiger that has to lose its speed

26) a horse that apparently wants to give necks (ps)

27) we notice the neckless is much more misshapen in old age (little is cute)

28) when you are so hungry you go outside while everyone is down (ché)

29) when your dog appeared like a Swiss cuckoo

30) if you are cute and a little bit Breton

31) when you no longer have the cost of living

32) when you know you will find it difficult to swallow fish

If you liked the article, you can visit the artist page here.

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