Check out the scary trailer for this new Korean horror series


Netflix regularly offers to refresh its inventory of horror films and series in order to entertain fans of the genre. After watching all the horror films that we have recommended you and Marianne, the French horror series, you can discover Sweet Home, a series of a different genre that will surely appeal to fans who stick to the monstrous, the bloody, fantastic and exciting.

Korean horror series Sweet Home

As the recap of the series revealed by Netflix explains, the story follows the footsteps of a distraught (and depressed) young man named Cha Hyun-soo (Song Kang), who independently moves into an apartment as a result of ‘a tragic car accident that left her parents and her sister died. When he thinks about finishing it, the student suddenly has to face a curse (known as a real curse) that turns people into real monsters. He and his residential neighbors must fight for survival and maintain their humanity. But do all monsters hunt humans? It’s not safe…

This new horror series on Netflix will be available on December 18th and comes straight from South Korea. The 10 episodes of the series are adapted directly from a webtoon that saw the light of day in 2017. The series was directed by Lee Eung-bok, best known for Descendants of the Sun, Mr Sunshine and Goblin. The production behind the series was big. Each episode reportedly cost an average of $ 2.4 million. If you discover the trailer available below, you will understand that this astronomical sum was invested in special effects.

The trailer for the Sweet Home series

We invite you to discover the trailer for the Sweet Home series immediately:

As you can see in this trailer, some “infected” don’t all seem to turn into bloodthirsty monsters, but some of them develop superpowers … a plot that changes that somewhat. we’ve seen this in the past, where the vast majority of those infected are lost instantly.