Check out Amazon Prime’s eye-catching new fantasy series


Amazon Prime promises us some great series, especially Invincible, but also Wheel of Time, a brand new series that is already becoming a fantasy classic. If you’re a reader of Robert Jordan you already know what we’re talking about. If you’ve never heard of it, then no doubt you will remember this promising adaptation in the future.

The wheel of time series

Wheel of Time is one of the most anticipated series on the Amazon Prime platform. It comes from the literary saga La Roue du temps, written by the American writer Robert Jordan who died in 2007. The first volume of this great saga was published in 1990, but the series was not completed until the death of the author. On the other hand, this one had left some notes so that another writer could resume his story and give it the ending it deserves. The work thus comprises fourteen volumes, three of which were written by Brandon Sanderson, the writer who took office after the death of Robert Jordan. With that amount and given its success, it makes sense for Amazon Prime to consider customizing.

What is the story that we discover in the sage of La Roue du Temps? In a few words (since the saga is really big and a full recap would take a few hours) we follow the adventures of three boys forced to leave their peaceful village where life is a long river. calm. One of these three boys is called Rand and carries the title Reincarnated Dragon. He is the chosen one who would have the power to rid the kingdom of Andor from the Dark Arts. To give you another foretaste, here is the back cover of the first volume of the saga:

The wheel of time turns as the eras follow one another … And very quickly Rand and his friends will be drawn into his hectic race, which is forced to flee from their village against which the monstrous giants launched the attack. Thrown on the street, they have no choice but to follow Moiraine, the wizard, towards the town of Tar Valon, where they are finally safe! Time is running out because one of the companions may be the reborn dragon who must overcome the darkness …

There are many political intrigues in this manner, as are the characters (especially many female characters). The universe is just gigantic, a real challenge for Amazon Prime and the writer of the series, Rafe Judkins.

A first teaser that gets us to see more

The series’ main character would obviously be Moiraine (mentioned on the back), played by actress Rosamund Pike, whose voice we hear in the very first teaser revealed:

Make a blade. #WOTonPrime

December 2, 2020

You can clearly hear the actress asking one of her interlocutors: “When he’s ready”. The latter replies that this is not the case. Moiraine then explains that she is in the same stage as him. Several questions were asked about this adaptation, but most internet users ask themselves the following questions: Will the series follow all volumes in sequence, or will all of the material in the books be used? same time ? Series writer Rafe Judkins answered this question on Twitter yesterday.

We consider this an adaptation of the entire series, not just each book individually. Hopefully the first season feels more like the entire Wheel of Time book series than Eye of the World. With that in mind – no Moiraine staff. Let the chaos arise, ha.

December 2, 2020

We consider this an adaptation of the entire series, not just each book individually. Hopefully, Season 1 will be more like the entire Wheel of Time book series than Eye of the World (the first book from the saga).

The future Amazon Prime series will therefore simultaneously be based on the material from the entire saga to offer us a show that we hope will earn the name. Since the series is still in production, there is no evidence at the time of the release date on Amazon Prime. Only one thing is certain: we can hardly wait.