Charles Grodin, the actor who became popular in “Beethoven”, died


Charles Grodin, the actor who became popular in “Beethoven”, died

The film was a hit in the early 90s. Grodin has also been involved in other comedy projects. He was 86 years old.

American actor Charles Grodin died this Tuesday, May 18, at the age of 86. He took part in several comedies and became more popular in the first two films of “Beethoven” in the early 90s, which were a box office hit. Grodin died at home in Connecticut, USA.

Charles Grodin has been battling bone marrow cancer for several years. “Beethoven” was one of the films that made him most famous, in which he played a father who didn’t want to stay home with a shaggy São Bernardo, but has taken part in other comedies and more throughout his long career.

For several years he made political comments.

In addition to Robert De Niro, he took part in Martin Brest’s film “Escape at Midnight” in 1988. Another of the famous comedies he entered was “I Accidentally Married” from 1972. Even before he was regularly featured in Hollywood works, he participated in several productions in the theater.

In the 90s, he withdrew from the movies and began to be a political commentator. Only years later did he return to acting. One of the most recent roles was on Louis CK’s “Louie” series and also in the “Madoff” miniseries.