Chancellor Merkel rejects mandatory vaccination | free press


France has announced mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers. The chancellor doesn’t want to go down this road.

Berlin (dpa) – According to Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), there are no plans to vaccinate like in France.

“We are not going to go the way France suggested. We have said there will be no mandatory vaccination,” Merkel said after speaking with Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) and Robert Koch Institute chairman Lothar Wieler in Berlin. They do not believe that changing this statement can gain confidence. You can gain that by promoting vaccination.

Vaccination may seem unnecessary or threatening to some. “And that’s why I say to anyone who still doubts whether they should be vaccinated: a vaccination protects not only you, but also someone who is close to you, who is important to you, who you love,” Merkel emphasized. A vaccination protects not only against serious diseases, but also against the stressful limitations of daily life. “The more we are vaccinated, the freer we will be again, the freer we can live again.”

Merkel and Spahn had previously exchanged ideas with Wieler during a visit to the RKI. This included the influence of vaccinations on the course of the pandemic against the background of increasing numbers of infections from the delta variant of the coronavirus.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced Monday evening that health workers would be required to be vaccinated. Employees in hospitals and nursing homes now have until mid-September to be vaccinated. According to Health Minister Olivier Véran, unvaccinated people are no longer allowed to work and be paid.