“Challenge”: This will be the first film ever shot in space

“Challenge”: This will be the first film ever shot in space

It will be picked up by a small Russian team on the International Space Station in October.

Yulia Peresild will be the protagonist.

During the Cold War there was a huge space race to show the technological advances of each regime and political system, now we are in the age of the private in space. After some of the world’s greatest millionaires like Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos spent a few minutes flying rockets, that fever has now reached the world of cinema.

Last year it was reported that Universal Pictures was in talks about the new Tom Cruise-starring movie to be shot in space. It would be a joint project by the actor and producer himself, NASA and businessman Elon Musk. Production would be done by Doug Liman.

The trio that will be traveling in October.

Now the Russian director Klim Shipenko has received permission to make a film in space – it should be his first. Shipenko will travel in October with the actress Yulia Peresild and the cosmonaut Anton Schaplero, who will accompany them to the International Space Station, where “Challenge” will be recorded.

The trio began preparing for this trip in May – despite the formation of several months, it was shorter than usual. They had to get used to the conditions of weightlessness and learn about the operating systems of the rocket with which they will travel. They stay in space for about 12 days.

The story is about a cosmonaut who goes into cardiac arrest. Although he survived, he must undergo surgery to ensure his health and the safety of his mission. A surgeon is sent to the International Space Station to perform the procedure – she only has a few weeks to prepare for the trip.

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