Chakall faces the challenge of cooking with ingredients that cannot be combined


Chakall’s greatest challenge: Cooking with ingredients that cannot be combined

The new program “Os Amigos do Chef” premieres on January 13th on the Casa e Cozinha channel. David Carreira and Calema are the first guests.

David Carreira is Chakall’s first guest.

“Os Amigos do Chef” is the new program from Casa e Cozinha. The cable channel produced by DREAMIA is the only one in Portugal that is specifically dedicated to decoration, gastronomy, fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

In this original format, the host is head chef Chakall, who welcomes several friends and special guests to his home in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. In between discussions on various topics, the Argentine chef prepares a menu with the valuable help (or not) of his guest.

The goal is to create two recipes from three surprising ingredients brought back by the “friends” of this episode. Chakall needs to use all his creativity to solve the problem and prepare delicious dishes that viewers can imitate at home. There is an additional challenge, however: it will not be simple weird ingredients, but foods that are seemingly impossible to combine in the kitchen.

The first episode comes on January 13th at 9:30 pm with guest David Carreira, who will bring cod, bacon and dark chocolate. It soon becomes clear that the chef’s life will not be easy. In the second show, which airs shortly afterwards at 10 p.m., the calema deliberately come from São Tomé and Príncipe to attend this party at Chakall’s house. Amid the music, the group will do everything (but really anything) to distract their friend by offering them three more unimaginable ingredients: micocó, breadfruit and passion fruit.

In the end, the three surprising recipes can be a main course, dessert or starter. “I am super satisfied with the ‘Amigos do Chef’ project, I think the result of the program is fantastic, with wonderful guests and an unexpected result …” says Chakall.

David Carreira, Calema, Fátima Lopes, Luís de Matos, Bárbara Tinoco, Tatanka, Gilmário Vemba, Ana Arrebentinha, Pedro Fernandes, Tio Jel, Mariama Barbosa, Maria João Costa, Heitor Lourenço, António Machado, Vera Fernandes, Carlos Fernandes Valter Hugo Mãe , João Paulo Sousa, Joana Azevedo, Jorge Andrade and Virgul are the guests of the first season of this great bet on the Casa e Cozinha channel.

Channel boss Diogo Alexandre: “’Os Amigos do Chef’ has everything that the Portuguese like in an entertainment program in my opinion. It has the usefulness of recipes that humans can reproduce, the excitement of the challenges posed to one of Portugal’s most famous chefs, and the variety of conversations with 22 different personalities. It’s another Portuguese, useful and entertaining program from Casa e Cozinha ”.

The program will consist of 22 episodes of 28 minutes each, with hilarious scenes, unexpected conversations and, above all, many unforeseen events that were not cut in the final version.

With 16 different program formats, Casa e Cozinha ranks 95th by NOS and 130th by Vodafone. This channel relies on self-produced content and approaches the topics in a practical, creative, useful and familiar manner. You can follow the program closely on the Internet via the social networks Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.