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Emmanuel Macron’s announcement on October 28th at 8 p.m. is final. France is in new custody. With the French, however, many questions remain unanswered: When will the new travel certificate be available? Emmanuel Macron mentioned a “more flexible limitation” in his speech, but what does that mean? We’ll take stock immediately to answer all your questions.

The announcement by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron

On October 28, the head of state turned to the French and announced that France would receive a new prison sentence from Thursday at midnight. For those who missed this talk and would love to see it again, you can watch the video below:

Beginning and end of delivery

The containment begins on Thursday at midnight, so from Friday at the very beginning of the day. It is scheduled for a period of at least a month (up to December 1), with the possibility of increasing naturally if health conditions so require. The start of the delivery will be flexible as we are currently on school holidays and many people still have to return to their homes on the weekend from October 31st to November 1st.

Checks can be carried out until Sunday, however, and Jean Castex will explain in detail during a press conference this evening at 6.30 p.m. what documents must be made available to the police in order to be able to return to his home. It is certain that this will be proof of address, but we will know more tonight.

The travel certificate and the mandatory excursions

The head of state announced that it was forbidden to move from one region to another. The drive around the house is limited to 1 km. On Thursday, certainly in the late afternoon or early evening, a new certificate will be available for all French people who have to deviate from the rules of detention (to go to work, to help a person in his family in difficulty … .). The article will be updated at this precise point in time so you can have the link to this new certificate (which will be available on the government page anyway).

What are the reasons it will be possible to leave your home? Some of them were already mentioned on the screen last night, namely:

Shopping Going to work Helping dependents get air (usually no more than 1 km from your home, as with first delivery)

For other reasons, you will have to wait until the end of the day to find out the new certificate issued by the government. Regarding return from abroad, the French can return to their homeland, but they will have to take a rapid test, which is done at airports.

Closure of facilities

In contrast to the first detention in France, kindergartens, schools, colleges and grammar schools remain open. On the other hand, universities and higher education institutions remain closed and offer distance learning courses.

Non-essential businesses like bars, cafes, restaurants, shops that don’t sell groceries, beauty salons, or even hairdressers are also forced to close their doors. However, the President assured that the situation would be reassessed after two weeks of detention. If the health situation permits, some companies could reopen before the end of the prison term.

Facilities that remain open for the duration of detention

Some facilities, for example during containment in March, remain open. These are pharmacies, tobacco shops, computer shops, gas stations, laundries, banks and of course grocery stores. Parks, gardens, outdoor markets, and cemeteries will also remain open. Florists can stay open until All Saints Sunday, but remain closed after that.

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