Census: Number of whites in the US is falling | free press


The U.S. census data shows that the U.S. population has become significantly more mixed and diverse.

Washington (AP) – The number of white populations in the United States has shrunk over the past decade.

According to published U.S. census data, the proportion of whites in the total population decreased by 8.6 percent between 2010 and 2020 to about 204 million people. The Washington Post wrote that it was the first time in the history of the census that the number of whites in the country had fallen. However, according to official information, they are still the largest population group – accounting for 61.6 percent of the total population of about 330 million.

However, the statisticians found that the US population is much more mixed and diverse than previous censuses had shown. This is due to both demographic changes and new research methods.

According to census data, the number of people of Hispanic or Hispanic roots in the US has grown 23 percent since 2010, to about 62 million. They make up 18.7 percent of the population. The proportion of African Americans in the total population is 12.4 percent according to current figures, people of Asian descent make up 6 percent of the population.

The number of people in the US who identify as members of several of these and other populations — in various combinations — jumped significantly. According to the census, their group grew from 9 million in 2010 to 33.8 million in 2020 – a 276 percent increase.