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CDU Vice Klöckner calls Union for unity | Free press

“Only strong together”: After the painful search for candidates and in view of the latest research results, the CDU is increasingly being called on for one appearance by the Union parties.

Berlin (dpa) – CDU Deputy Chairman Julia Klöckner has called on the Union for unity in view of the latest statements by CSU chief Markus Söder.

“I think we are now together. The decision has been made and the Union is strong only together, ”she said on Monday before a hybrid meeting of the CDU presidency in Berlin when asked when the Munich taunts ended. “Now it’s about content,” added Klöckner.

Söder had told the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” that the reasons for Laschet’s candidacy for chancellor had not convinced him. He and Laschet have a different understanding of democracy and program. Söder told the Nürnberger Nachrichten that five months before the elections the Union was “in a serious emergency”. Corona problems persisted, after 16 years as chancellor of Angela Merkel, “signs of fatigue across the Union” are already visible. In addition, there is an unresolved strategic question of how much modernity or how much tradition the Union should show.

In view of Annalena Baerbock’s candidacy for chancellor with the Greens, Klöckner said the Union had already demonstrated a woman’s candidate for chancellor with Merkel in 2005. In terms of content, it is now “extremely interesting to look at the Greens program, including contradictions”. The Union will attach importance to the fact that sustainability must always go hand in hand with the economy and the social issue. «Ecology, economics, social issues – that’s our program. And we show that this is possible in Germany. “

Daniel Caspary, head of the CDU / CSU group in the European Parliament, said in view of Söder: “I hope the injection will stop very soon.” The Union has a common candidate for Chancellor and should “do everything we can now to ensure that we win the Bundestag elections in the interests of Germany and the interests of the Union”. In view of Söder’s comments on a modern Union election campaign, he added: “We had no intention of planning an election campaign of old.” The Union has drawn up a joint candidate for Chancellor. They will “now work in both sides to ensure that we present ourselves to the voters with a good, modern election campaign”.

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