CDU Vice Breher: firewall against AfD stands | Free press


Berlin (dpa) – Deputy CDU chairman Silvia Breher does not expect a discussion about a possible collaboration with the AfD in her party after the state elections in Saxony-Anhalt.

“There will be no collaboration with the AfD. This firewall is in place, ”said the Lower Saxony member of the Bundestag dpa in Berlin when asked if she expected such a debate within the CDU of Saxony-Anhalt after the June 6 elections, such as in Thuringia. “We have a very clear line and there is absolutely no doubt about that.”

They hope that Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff (CDU) will be given the renewed mandate to form a government – “also as a firewall for the AfD. Reiner Haseloff leaves no doubt about it and has earned every confidence. She then hoped for constructive coalition negotiations. “I expect all democratic parties to fulfill their obligation to ensure that a country can be governed in a stable manner. And not to delay negotiations for tactical reasons,” said Breher.

Breher does not expect internal debates within the Union about the suitability of CDU leader Armin Laschet as a candidate for chancellor to flare up. “We have finally resolved the issue of the candidate for chancellor.” She stressed, “We as the CDU and CSU can only be interested in looking ahead and working together to ensure a strong Bundestag election result.” It’s in the nature of things that the CDU and CSU don’t always agree. “It is crucial that we work together and have the same goal.”

You can imagine that despite his defeat in the power struggle with Laschet for the candidacy for chancellor, CSU boss Markus Söder would campaign nationally and also in her home association Lower Saxony. “Markus Söder is a gifted speaker who can rock events. That’s a gift he has. At the same time, Breher was behind the plan, the Union election manifesto on 20/21 June to say goodbye. “We have a clear timeline for the program. And we always presented our election manifesto quite late in the summer.

It is not only about a joint program with the CSU, “but also about presenting it with headlines,” said Breher. Nobody needs to point out to Laschet in this regard that women are equally represented on his team – “he lives it”. It is much more a matter of a balanced relationship between the topics “and that the team members stand for these topics authentically and, if possible, reflect the breadth of the party”. They assume that the election manifesto and the presentation of the team will be “close together in chronological order”. You work where you are needed. Breher said, “Of course farming is a matter of my heart to me.”

Breher rightly called Laschet’s decision to include his rival Friedrich Merz in the election campaign team for the party chairmanship. “It is a special talent of Armin Laschet to integrate and bring different sides together.” Merz stands for “a strong financial and economic policy that many in our Union want”.

Regarding the candidacy of former President of Constitutional Protection Hans-Georg Maaßen, Breher said it did not have to match her personal opinion that Maaßen was founded. This is the right of the local members. The CDU people’s party would represent a broad spectrum, the party could resist conflicting opinions and deal with them democratically. “But of course there are very clear rules and limits within the party – and there is the firewall for the AfD. Mr Maassen certainly knows that too. “