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CDU Presidency: Röttgen Announces Demuth as Chief Strategist | Free press

Hamburg (dpa) – Candidate for the CDU presidency Norbert Röttgen has announced that in the event of a win, CDU politician Ellen Demuth will become the party’s chief strategist.

“The motto of my campaign is more feminine. Younger. More digital. Ellen Demuth embodies all of this, ”Röttgen wrote on Twitter. In his team you ensure the networking of the CDU in society. The “Spiegel” had previously reported on the staff.

“I consider Ellen Demuth a great political talent. She thinks strategically and is very well networked in the party, ”said Röttgen to“ Spiegel ”. The 38-year-old politician is currently a member of the CDU state parliament in Rhineland-Palatinate, where she chairs the parliamentary group “Equality and the Advancement of Women”.

Demuth told the “Mirror”, “The CDU must modernize to stay in the middle.” She considers the equal participation of women and men as the most important modernization task. “One thing is clear: a party in which 80 percent of the district presidents and members of the Bundestag are men no longer represents our society as a whole,” she said.

In addition to Demuth, Röttgen mentioned other people who should support him in the event of a victory: the general director of the Alfred Herrhausen Society, Anna Herrhausen, the entrepreneur Larissa Zeichenhardt, the parliamentary deputy of the Union in the Bundestag, Johann David Wadephul, the CDU Bundestag members Andreas Nick and Kai Whittaker, former CDU member of the North Rhine-Westphalia state parliament Chris Bollenbach, and radiology professor Christiane Kuhl.

Member of the Bundestag and chair of the union’s culture and media working group, Elisabeth Motschmann, is also a member of Röttgen’s steering group. Motschmann said Demuth as chair of the steering committee was a good choice, together they wanted to modernize the CDU and anchor it in new environments. “One thing is clear: we must not only focus on the younger generation, but also on the whole spectrum of society. I am motivated to do my part, ”she said.

In addition to Röttgen, NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet and former Union leader Friedrich Merz are candidates for the post. The meeting of deputies for the election has been postponed several times due to the corona pandemic. An election party conference is now scheduled for mid-January.


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