CDU does not give up No to the higher agency costs | Free press


Magdeburg (dpa) – In the dispute over the nationwide increase in broadcasting costs, the CDU boss of Saxony-Anhalt, Holger Stahlknecht, categorically excludes his parliamentary group from giving in.

“That is non-negotiable. The CDU will not leave their position ”, he told the“ Magdeburg Volksstimme ”(Friday). The state administrator of the CDU decided that unanimously. Stahlknecht justified the no to the increase in East Germany’s image in the public broadcaster.

The broadcasters did not portray the transformation process in the East, which led to radical changes in the lives of many people, enough. “The public broadcasters occasionally report not on an equal footing, but with a raised index finger of moralization.” The CDU is not about restricting press freedom, Stahlknecht said. But it must be possible to test the structures of those who live on the donors’ money.

At the moment, all signs are in Magdeburg that Saxony-Anhalt is actually using a right of veto to block the increase in the license fee for radio by 86 cents to 18.36 euros on January 1, 2021. All state parliaments must agree to the increase in force. With the exception of Saxony-Anhalt, they have already done so or have indicated that they will.

For days, crisis talks have been going on between the government partners CDU, SPD and the Greens in order to reach a unified vote. That is also the goal of Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff (CDU). Next Wednesday, a solution must be found, after which the media committee must decide what voting behavior to recommend to the plenary during the deciding meeting in mid-December.

If the CDU sticks to its no, the coalition can also vote separately. The Christian Democrats, along with the AfD, have a majority that also wants to reject it. Haseloff wants to avoid this possibility. It is not common for coalitions to vote inconsistently on important projects. The SPD and the Greens have already announced that in a joint CDU-AfD veto they no longer see a basis for the continuation of the coalition that has been in power since 2016.

The CDU in Saxony-Anhalt has recently repeatedly emphasized that it is in favor of the public broadcaster, but considers it too expensive and too large. The AfD not only rejects a premium increase, but also the premium system as a whole. Critics complain that the Christian Democrats in Magdeburg would pave the way for right-wing populists with a united voice.

FDP chairman Christian Lindner called on the CDU faction in Magdeburg to distance themselves from the AfD. “I can only appeal to the Union not to get close to the AfD,” said Lindner of the Düsseldorf “Rheinische Post” (Friday). “It’s not about a few cents in radio license fees, the AfD is about resentment against an allegedly lying press.”