CDU / CSU: Pressure for Fast Freelance Candidate Candidate Grows | Free press


Berlin (dpa) – Given the current weakness of the Union, there is increasing pressure on the CDU to make a swift decision on the candidate for chancellor for the federal election.

Party chairmen Armin Laschet (CDU) and Markus Söder (CSU), who are considered competitors, originally agreed a period between Easter and Pentecost, namely a maximum of six weeks. In the meantime, Laschet also insists on a very quick clarification. Hesse’s CDU Prime Minister Volker Bouffier, Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus and CDU politician Friedrich Merz called for more speed.

CDU deputy head Bouffier told the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung”: “We have to decide very quickly now.” A Pentecostal miracle won’t help there. When asked whether Laschet and Söder can reach an agreement in the coming week, he replies: “I can imagine that.”

The path could be for them to declare themselves and determine the party presidencies that met on Monday. “When things go well, we make a joint choice. If not, we can determine the path to a decision together. Neither Laschet nor Söder have officially registered a candidacy so far.

Bouffier was skeptical about choosing the candidate for chancellor by voting in the joint parliamentary group. “The faction comes into play when the parties decide. But that would not be my preference. “Laschet and Söder should” make sure that we stay together. “” You have to position yourself. It must be clear: what does one want and what does the other want? Then you may come to an understanding. “

A large group of CDU members in the Union parliamentary group in the Bundestag on Friday demanded a say in the decision on the candidate for chancellor. A statement, followed by at least 50 MPs and available to the German press agency in Berlin, states: to be announced, in a two-tier parliamentary group meeting of the CDU and CSU discuss it and, if in doubt, a decision will also be made there. taken. The “Heilbronner Voice” and the newspaper “Bild” also reported about it.

The initiative should also be a topic during the withdrawal of the CDU / CSU group’s board of directors on Sunday. It is expected that the exam can become a showcase for the two possible candidates for chancellor. Trade union leader Brinkhaus also called for a quick decision. “The decision to run for the League as chancellor should, in my opinion, be made within the next two weeks,” he told the Funke media group newspapers.

Merz, who had lost the battle for the federal presidency of the CDU against Laschet, spoke for Laschet in the “Westfälischer Anzeiger”, although he is far behind Söder in investigations. “Polls are a snapshot. They are not suitable for a permanent long-term strategic human resource decision, ”said Merz. He hoped that the issue of the candidacy for chancellor would be resolved in the coming days. “It has nothing to do with Easter or Pentecost. What do we want to wait for? Until the Resurrection – Whose? About the Holy Spirit – For Whom? It’s time.”

The head of the CDU in Saxony-Anhalt, Swen Schulze, also said in “Spiegel”: “The K question needs to be clarified in the next two weeks. We need quick clarity before the state elections in Saxony-Anhalt.” is on June 6. However, he did not commit to any of the opponents. “It is important for us to face the specific challenges facing East Germany. Laschet had recently shown more interest, so should Söder. He is invited to talk to us at any time. “