CDU and Greens criticize Maas’s “Marshall Plan” Free press

“Election campaign gag” and “senior lecturer”: Secretary of State Heiko Maas’s proposal to democratically support the US with a “Marshall Plan” after the Capitol incidents was clearly rejected by other parties.

Berlin (dpa) – Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has been criticized by the CDU and the Greens for his offer to the US to work out a “Marshall Plan for Democracy”.

While Maas’s analysis is accurate, every democracy crisis in the US also affects Germany, said CDU foreign politician Johann David Wadephul of the German news agency. “We must not appear as senior teachers in the direction of the oldest Western democracy.”

After the storming of the Capitol in Washington, Maas had offered the United States more cooperation in the fight for democracy. “We must not give space to the enemies of liberal democracy. This applies not only in the US, but also here in Germany and Europe, ”said the SPD politician. “We are ready to work with the US on a joint Marshall Plan for democracy.”

The Greens’ foreign politician Omid Nouripour was annoyed by Maas’s offer to the US. If US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had offered help to Germany when protesters invaded the steps of the Reichstag building in Berlin, “we would all have torn him up in the air,” Nouripour said. The Maas push remains a “short-lived election prop”.

The Marshall Plan was a US economic reconstruction program for European states after World War II, from which the Federal Republic of Germany particularly benefited. Today the term is used over and over as a synonym for development programs.

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