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CD Projekt demolished by netizens for new-gen versions (20 tweets)

To restore the image of the much-criticized Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red’s Redstreams conference surrounding the announcement of the new-gen versions (PS5/Xbox Series) was eagerly awaited by the entire community.

A long-awaited conference…

On the agenda was a major communication hit that was supposed to partially save the furniture (in fact, Cyberpunk was entitled to many patches and several major updates in the last year, which nonetheless significantly improved the gaming experience), which promised quite a few things, including a new-gen version , which should compete with the only interesting PC offer so far. Also, the stream should unofficially try to overshadow the release of the first big AAA of the year: Horizon: Forbidden West, which will hit our shelves on February 18th, which is 3 days from now.

So in the news radius: an idea of ​​update 1.5, with improved AI, a rebalancing of combat in the game, new weapons, new outfits, a new apartment or, for example, better readability on the map. In addition, this version includes several free DLCs and with it the famous next-gen upgrade for the media in question, which is now available on all media. A 5-hour demo is also available for the PS5 and Xbox series.

… But poorly controlled

Unfortunately, the communication coup seems to have failed as the conference was more about a co-working session than a really clear and powerful live event. The endless and uninteresting game sequences, punctuated by incessant returns to the map, have tired, even confused, many players. As is the incessant chatter from the developers and the lack of a precise common thread. A pretty succinct trailer comes at the very end of Live, where we might have liked to have read it from the first moments.

While waiting for the first feedback on the quality of this new version, netizens have sharply criticized this presentation and its content through these 20 tweets.


My god… It’s terribly embarrassing what we’re seeing, they’re making us a CyberGate Part II, the animations are in another DLC? #cyberpunk2077

February 15, 2022


The com at #CDProjektRED is disastrous, soporific and deadly boring! They’re repeating the mistakes of their last conf.! We’re live in #CaroJu on @JulienChieze’s channel with @CaroleQuintaine.https://t.co/ohJTNY6FeW pic.twitter.com/I7my4161bQ

February 15, 2022


A presentation not worthy of the means of the studio and the ambition of the game … It’s very damaging, especially with the board that they have to erase. Personally I was hoping to do it, but from what I can see it won’t.

February 15, 2022


We have been scammed with this PS5, its only aim is to sell. All of a sudden games are going to be cross-gen for a while and we’re going to struggle with graphics and games that are more optimized for PS4. When you see Dying Light 2’s gameplay options, it’s disgusting

February 15, 2022


This presentation by #cyberpunk2077 is a MDRRRR disaster! Brother stop pic.twitter.com/a3jYzapgqY

February 15, 2022


Good. Completely failed presentation for #Cyberpunk2077, still with bugs and next-gen versions that don’t send dreams.
By the way, GTA V will have a boulevard again in exactly one month.. ud83dude05

February 15, 2022


10 years later the 360/PS3 version of GTA V is better optimized than #Cyberpunk2077. The Xbox O and PS4 version? let’s not even talk about it…. pic.twitter.com/aGsiosAW0W

February 15, 2022


Am I dreaming or do we see a buggy guy in a structure during the #cyberpunk2077 Next Gen presentation? pic.twitter.com/d0SsN3739e

February 15, 2022


Me and my connection are going to hang each other. ud83dude2d
57,926GB to download.

A good, complete keynote to introduce us to this update, highlighting the most important and requested items. But bad presentation for Casu who wanted to see an E3 trailer.. ud83eudd37ud83cudffb#cyberpunk2077 #PS5 #PS4 pic.twitter.com/d4cdAa4vYv

February 15, 2022


But honestly it’s the worst presentation of the mdrr “good luck” #Cyberpunk2077 pic.twitter.com/K41Ir1lIYt

February 15, 2022


“The city is not alive. There are too few NPCs” #Cyberpunk2077 pic.twitter.com/Ho46QmiTzc

February 15, 2022



Sorry, that was too tempting.ud83dude2c#Cyberpunk2077 pic.twitter.com/g58s65wjeh

February 15, 2022


The Titanic will only have sunk once… Cyberpunk on the other hand…

February 15, 2022


For me this game will self destruct when it comes out…

February 15, 2022


To be honest, visually they seem to have achieved their goal, it’s really very nice.

But was the problem just its looks? #cyberpunk2077

You just have to check your com plan at CD Projekt. ud83dude05

February 15, 2022


“Good luck” I’m in tears #Cyberpunk2077 pic.twitter.com/CE8U8S2Mv4

February 15, 2022


But who confirmed that!!! @CaroleQuintaine@JulienChieze #CaroJu #cyberpunk2077 I don’t understand ud83eudd26 pic.twitter.com/karEeIWbRM

February 15, 2022


#Cyberpunk2077 #CDProjectRED
Appearance change finally put in the game but in the apartment no real hairdresser no change texture to make it more robotic finally good a soft gameplay presentations we fuck it
There won’t be much for a PC gamer pic.twitter.com/bZUH80B5G7

February 15, 2022


#caroju #Cyberpunk2077 WTF… I’m sorry but it doesn’t make me buy it on my PS5, I believed in her! Soft gameplay, weird AI… I don’t see anything from the next gen while the first time I saw it live I was crazy about it pic.twitter.com/x1eFR4LwLu

February 15, 2022


they want to sink there @CDPROJEKTRED it’s not possible ud83eudd37ud83cudffb‍u2642ufe0f @JulienChieze @CaroleQuintaine #cyberpunk2077 pic.twitter.com/amTK4MdHoi

February 15, 2022


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