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“Caution Program” will have season two

It’s official: “Programa Cautelar” will even have a second season

According to Filomena Cautela, new episodes will be arriving on RTP1 soon.

The program combines information with entertainment.

After the success of the first season, the “Programa Cautelar” presented by Filomena Cautela returns to RTP1 with new episodes which, as in the first season, bring together entertainment and information.

The show premiered on June 5th and brought us six episodes for six weeks with not only current, but also important topics: misinformation, audience, racism, feminism, climate change and finally the current state of culture, which is currently very difficult and atypical Phase due to the pandemic.

All these topics were studied by a team of experts (e.g. journalists) and then the scriptwriters of the “Programa Cautelar” brought fun to the topics. During the program, Filomena received several guests linked to the weekly theme to make it even more solid and engaging.

The announcement of the new season was made by the presenter herself through a video on her Instagram in which she also talks about how proud she was of the latest edition of the Play Awards.

Although the date of the return of the program, led by Filomena Cautela, is unknown, the host reveals that it will be “soon on RTP1”.

You can click the gallery to see what’s new in July.


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