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Berlin (dpa) – During her 16-year term in office, Chancellor Angela Merkel faced only crises that did not originate in Germany.

The CDU politician includes the financial crisis of 2007, the rescue of the euro, the so-called refugee crisis of 2015, climate change and the corona pandemic.

“What my tenure has always continued is that we can face our challenges not only with national politics, but we are part of a world, and that is also the subject we see in the climate,” Merkel said on Thursday. in Berlin.

“We alone will not be able to change the global climate. We will not be able to fight the pandemic alone,” Merkel said. She added: “But the way we do it can be an example for others to follow.”

Merkel calls on people to vaccinate

Given the rising corona numbers, Merkel pushed for more vaccinations during what is expected to be the last summer press conference in Berlin. “The more we are vaccinated, the freer we will be again,” the chancellor said. The pandemic can only be overcome together. Therefore, people should also actively promote vaccinations in their private and work environments.

Merkel described the currently recorded doubling in incidence rates within 12 days as dramatic. She warned to pay more attention to protective measures: masks, distance, ventilation and regular testing. Higher vaccination rates meanwhile made it possible to catch larger numbers of infections. “Preventing health system overload continues to guide our actions,” Merkel said.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) had reported the seven-day incidence as 12.2 on Thursday morning. The day before the value was 11.4, at the latest on July 6 it was 4.9.

At the same time, the chancellor pledged the country to a concerted effort to cope with the storm disaster in West Germany. “We will need patience to repair all this damage,” Merkel said. There was terrible devastation from the floods, Germany mourned 170 dead.

The goal is to jointly finance the flood damage, Merkel said. The federal government has made an amount of 200 million euros available for emergency aid. In the coming days and weeks, the prime ministers of the federal states will discuss how to organize a joint development fund. It is also not excluded that the pandemic will again be a topic at this meeting, the chancellor said.

Merkel will no longer run in federal elections in September and will then retire from politics.

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