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Paderborn (dpa) – There is growing unease among Catholics in Germany about the Vatican’s no to the blessing of gay couples.

“We criticize that people who love the same sex continue to be discriminated against despite statements to the contrary,” said a report from the diocesan commission in the Archdiocese of Paderborn. Theological laymen are on the committee. Understandably, many people turn away from the Church. The Vatican newspaper is “in clear contradiction to the reality of life and the life-centered message of Jesus.” The diocesan councils of Aachen and Cologne also condemned the decision of Rome.

There was also opposition from the bishops to the Vatican’s position. “It can only remain to want to end a discussion,” said Aachen bishop Helmut This Friday evening during a discussion meeting. “That is naive and has caused a lot of damage. We have to bring that to Rome as bishops. ‘

The Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith made it clear on Monday that the church had no authority to bless gay couples. Any kind of blessing that recognizes a homosexual partnership is not allowed. Bishop Latter said he did not understand “how one could shoot such a bullet in this synodal process”. He was referring to the current reform process in the Catholic Church in Germany, the synodal way. Among other things, there is a renewal of the sexual morality of the church.

Previously, the Bishop of the Ruhr, Franz-Josef Overbeck, in a letter to all parishes of the Essen diocese, demanded a “serious and very grateful reassessment of homosexuality” by the Catholic Church. In recent days he had received numerous correspondence from pastors who expressed their open rejection of the Vatican’s position.

Church doctrine “urgently requires a comprehensive view of human sexuality,” said Overbeck. The declaration of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has offended and hurt many people with a homosexual orientation. Such a position is no longer accepted today. The attitude of the faithful cannot be ignored by the Vatican.

Criticism also came from the university pastor Burkhard Hose from Würzburg: “We don’t want to fixate on this very narrow and outdated view of sexuality, we see loving people,” he said. Together with Father Bernd Mönkebüscher from Hamm, who had become publicly gay two years ago, Hose launched a signature campaign against the ban on blessings last Monday. According to him, nearly 2,000 people had signed by the weekend – most of them Catholic theologians, priests, religious, pastors, parish officials or parish officials.

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